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Engage and inspire your students with meaningful trips that blend Creativity, Action and cultural immersion with fulfilling Service opportunities.


Unique activities, learning opportunities, enriching destinations.

Make Great Memories

Do Good. Be inspired. Learn Together.

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You learn, impact the world positively and have a blast doing it.

Our Story

From our Founder, Christopher Hill –

“For over 10 years we’ve provided meaningful, luxury, volunteer, travel experiences for families and companies around the world.

Give Something Back

Our travellers give something back to the local communities they visit and experience for themselves what it is to actively participate in a building or wildlife conservation project with lasting impact on the people or the environment.

A New Generation

Given our experience in helping current leaders, it made sense to start Hands Up Schools so that we can help develop the next generation of leaders, equipping them with cultural awareness, compassion, and confidence so that they can make a difference to the world around them. Now teachers and students can have the same opportunity to not only see amazing sights around the world, but also to give-back to local people. Your students can get involved in a hands-on way, whilst complementing your school’s curriculum and enhancing your students learning experiences.

Globally Aware

Thanks to modern technology your students are increasingly exposed to new cultures and ideas. Today’s students are globally aware and socially sensitive like never before, eager for immersive opportunities in new places, while having a lot of fun in the process! So we think you will agree that a trip that offers all of the above and enables them to make a positive contribution is a compelling opportunity.

Meaningful Travel

I’ve had some incredible travel experiences in over 60 countries, from African sunsets on safari to swimming with dolphins, hiking up volcanoes and even gasping for breath in the Himalayas. But as amazing as those experiences are, my most enduring memories are the times when I have engaged in meaningful ways with the local people: becoming the official photographer at a village wedding in a remote section of North-East Vietnam or sharing chai with Indian farmers. These are the memories I cherish. Moreover, when these interactions were overlaid with giving-back through volunteering, they became incredibly fulfilling, inspiring…and life changing.


Experiences such as these: helping to build a house in South Africa and teaching English to my host family in Guatemala are great examples. The lifelong friends I made as a result and the lives changed were the catalyst for leaving my job in the City of London and setting up my first company, Hands Up Holidays. I wanted to make it easy for others to have inspiring luxury ‘voluntourism’ experiences that dig deeper into a community. In addition, we run Hands Up Incentives to enable companies to engage their employees and work more closely together by helping those in need.

Making an Impactstudent volunteer work

Now schools can make an impact too. Through their involvement in a building project or wildlife conservation, students return to the classroom more engaged with their studies and inspired by what they have accomplished. And better equipped for a global workplace.

Passionate About Travel

I am passionate about the benefits of remarkable travel experiences for students. So let us inspire your students with meaningful trips that blend learning, adventure and cultural immersion with fulfilling service opportunities.”

Christopher Hill


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