Why students will love it

Vietnam is steeped in a French colonial aesthetic and a unique and rich indigenous culture. Between Hanoi in the north and Saigon in the south is a stunning coastline, mountainous terrain and the spellbinding Halong Bay. Your students can also enjoy delicious local cuisine throughout, and help build a classroom or renovate a center for victims of Agent Orange, the chemical defoliant used in the Vietnam War that still causes birth defects.

Destination Highlights

Taking in the magical splendor of Halong Bay  -Vietnamese cooking class  -Authentic hill tribe trekking -Touring Saigon and Old Hanoi -Exploring the Mekong river

Volunteer Opportunities

Assist in building a classroom in a remote section of northern Vietnam  -Renovate a center near Hanoi for victims of Agent Orange

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Vietnamese cooking class – Cu chi tunnels

Cultural Immersion Opportunities

Vietnamese tour guides -Cultural tours of Saigon and Hanoi -Interaction with local rice farmers -Homestay in the Mekong Delta or Sapa -Local markets -Streetfood tour

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