Why students will love it

Romania brings to life the medieval times. From breath-taking castles to quaint towns dating back centuries, history will come alive for your students. And not just history, Romania is endowed with a natural beauty unparalleled in Central Europe. The Carpathian mountains are a great trekking destination. There is no shortage of experiences for students to indulge in, and they can also play a part in preserving this history, or in conserving bears (Romania has the greatest number of bears in Europe, but they are hunted).

Trip Highlights

-Conserve bears at a rescue center -Tour grand Bucharest -Dracula’s Castle and history  -Saxon villages -Visit painted monastries in Bucovina -Encounter wildlife (including bears and wolves) in stunning National Parks

Volunteer Opportunities

Assist at a bear conservation center – Restore an ancient orchard – Renovate a school in a Saxon village

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Saxon cooking class -Romanian dance lessons -Cheese and yogurt making lessons -Bread making -Embroidery lessons

Cultural Immersion Opportunities

Romanian tour guides -Dracula history and castle -UNESCO World Heritage monuments -Fortified churches -Interaction with shepherds -Cultural tours

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