Why students will love it

Italy has it all: a rich history, beautiful architecture, magnificent landscapes and its legendary food. Italy is home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world. These include the historic centers of Florence, Naples and Rome. Visit the Vatican and marvel at the Sistine Chapel. Re-live history with your students, and they can also come to grips firsthand with modern issues of homelessness and the refugee crisis.

Destination Highlights

Feeding and caring for the homeless and refugees in Rome -Guided tour of Vatican Museums  -Cycling tour in Puglia -Climb Florence’s Duomo -Eat pizza in Naples -Hiking in the Dolomite Mountains

Volunteering Opportunities

Feed the homeless and refugees, and gain insights into what it is like to live on the streets

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Cooking class -Italian language lessons

Cultural Immersion Opportunities

Italian tour guides -Rome, Florence, Venice cultural tours

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