Why your students will love it

The language, culture and cuisine of Hungary are like no other in Europe. It’s rich in history, colored by stints of occupation by the Roman and Turkish empires. Your students will enjoy the train line run by children and fascinating historical tours and museums of Budapest. Enjoy the views of Lake Balaton and immerse yourself in the culture by helping renovate a cultural village just outside of Budapest.

Destination Highlights

Boat ride on Lake Balaton -Guided tour of Budapest through the eyes of a soldier -Boat ride along the Danube -Thought provoking museum of terror -Dipping in the warm waters of the thermal baths -Ride the train administered by children -Help restore a cultural village

Volunteer Opportunities

Get immersed in the Hungarian culture by renovating a cultural village near Budapest – Help make furniture out of packing crates for low-income families

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Hungarian dance lessons -Museum where students experience being blind -Hungarian language lessons

Cultural Immersion Opportunities

Cultural village on site stay – Hungarian tour guides -Crime and history themed sightseeing -Dictatorship museum -Walking tour through the eyes of a soldier – Hungarian horse riding display

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