Why students will love it

The Kingdom of Cambodia is steeped in a rich cultural history and splendid natural beauty. Your students can view the incredible sights and learn the harrowing history of Phnom Penh and the Killing Fields, and tour the ancient ruins of Angkor temple complex. Building a home for a family is hugely rewarding and enriching, as is elephant conservation.

Trip Highlights

-Angkor Wat and associated temples -Floating villages on Ton Le Sap -River dolphins -Yoga lessons -Building a home for a needy family -Conserving elephants

Volunteering Opportunities

-Build and repair a home for a needy family -Renovate schools and stock libraries -Conserve endangered elephants

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Khmer cooking class -Khmer dance lessons -Cambodian handcraft making

Cultural Immersion Opportunities

Cambodian guides throughout -Dining at a restaurant employing former streetkids -Tuktuk transport through Angkor temples

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