Why students will love it

Australia is a continent apart. Huge, diverse and beyond your wildest imagination. It’s a fascinating country ripe for adventure and exploration. Blessed with some of the most exquisite landscapes on Earth. Marvel at the magnificent underwater colors of the Great Barrier Reef or hike in the Blue Mountains. Get immersed in the Aboriginal culture as well, in the legendary Outback. Your students can make a difference helping conserve the iconic koala, or the endangered tiger quoll, and make the trip rewarding and satisfying.

Trip Highlights

Conservation volunteering protecting koalas or tiger quolls – Hiking the Blue Mountains -Learning to surf – Snorkeling the Great barrier reef

Volunteering Opportunities

-Help in conservation efforts of native species: koalas and the rare tiger quolls.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

-Learn how to make wildlife surveys

-Didgeredoo lessons

-Boomerang throwing lessons

Cultural Immersion Opportunities

– Interact with Aboriginal guides and communities throughout Australia

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