Tips for a Successful Field Trip

20 May Tips for a Successful Field Trip

Meaningful School tripHow to Plan Your next School Trip

A field trip is a great way to educate the students outside traditional classroom set up. Taking your students to a field trip can be so much fun, informative and life changing. Field trips can range from day trips to a park, museum, art gallery, or to an overnight or weekend camp. More than the fun and excitement, you would want to facilitate a field trip that has clear learning goals .

To plan a successful field trip requires a lot of preparation from paperwork (all necessary permissions and documentations) to preparing your students, their companions, and teachers/ staff  as well.

Get support.

Before the trip, you will need backing and coordination with the people at the place you are intending to go to make sure that they are ready and they understand what you require and to make sure that they can support in delivering the learning experience you want for your students.

The number students in proportion to adults is also something to be considered. You will need to have enough facilitators and staff to assist during the trip.

Consider the cost

You will need to consider the cost of transport and the places to go. There are free venues for educational short visits, but most will have a cost to each student depending on place and the type of activities you want to do.

Study all the risks and access

Risk assessments are a big part of any field trip. Take time to address any issues related to the specific location and venue and to prepare for any hazards and control measures that go along with the general locations or activities during the trip.

For persons with disability, guarantee reasonable access. Check  the venue if they have the appropriate disabled facilities .


Food is very important consideration but for most parents, they will provide a packed meals for their children.  Some venues may also provide food or it might be a part of the package- field trip fee or booking price.

Make sure to provide an eating area so students can get to eat together and they won’t scatter around during the trip.

Have a back-up plan.

You need to have contingency plans in case of poor weather, or any other unavoidable hustle or unforeseen event. it pays to have a back-up plan just in case you find that the weather is not conducive for traveling or in case a venue is unexpectedly closed for emergency repairs. Fingers crossed, it won’t  happen but make sure you are prepared.

Get the students and their parents ready.

Prepare the children before the trip so they will get the most out of the trip. This may involve the students to do some research or learn in advance something about the place you are to visit.  Tell your students to do some reading before the trip, it will then be easy to know what to look for or know what they are looking at when they get there.

Not only the students but you also have to prepare their parents. After doing all the groundwork, time to write to parents and give details about the trip. Permission slips have to be distributed and collected in and a final date should be given for payments. You need to know important details from the parents about their children’s medical and travel sickness information.

Parents should also be advised on what their children should wear and bring. e.g. enough number of comfortable clothes, food , mobile phones, cameras etc.

Most importantly, determine the educational value.

Your students and their parents are going take precious time and spend their hard earned money for a class trip so make sure it has great value and educational benefit to them. There should be memorable learning experience and they should take home memories that would last a lifetime.

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