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“We had an awesome time in South Africa with Hands Up School Trips - It was very well organised, with excellent communication and also good value. Our Cape Town guide was really engaging, the activities we did were fun but educational and the service projects we visited were insightful and well run - we could see first hand how amazing people were changing the lives of those in need. A great learning experience and definitely life changing for my students.”
Sarah Wakeford
CAS and Service Learning Coordinator  - Kristin School, New Zealand
“The most incredible company to use for setting up a trip with high school students. I recently finished my second trip with this company and once again it exceeded expectations. The details in the trip, from water bottles on the bus, and cold towels, to buses and tour guides every aspect of the trip is covered. Great activities for students, and everyone always gets the most out of the trip, from cultural experiences, to community service, to fun outdoor adventure activities. Chris is an incredible person and this company is the only one I will use when planning school trips.”
Becky Naughton
Teacher  - International School of Kuala Lumpur
“Our students were recently on a trip to India organized by Hands Up School Trips. As an educator I have to admit that this trip surpassed my expectations on every level. The trip was impeccably organized giving us teachers more time to engage with the students and not worry about organizational details. The activities were very well selected students were engaged all the time and were able to authentically engage with locals-talking, dancing, teaching and interacting with them. Our guides were very well selected, highly knowledgeable yet sensitive to high school students level of interest. I would highly recommend this organization to anyone planning to make a school trip meaningful.”
Talar Partiyan
Teacher  - American Community School Lebanon

What We Do

Our tailored school trips are ideal for IB schools as they blend Creativity, Action and cultural immersion with an opportunity to Serve as volunteers, in destinations as wide-ranging as Costa Rica, Rwanda and Bali.

With over 10 years experience, you can rely on us to create the perfect trip for your students, where they’ll learn more than you think possible.

Creativity & Experiential Learning

Creative minds are essential for future success; hands-on learning embeds knowledge 

Action and Service

Immerse your students in new cultures and see them thrive. By making a difference through serving, you get an unforgettable trip that informs, engages and inspires your students

Meaningful and Fulfilling Trips

By combining Creativity, Action and Service, your students will learn new things about themselves, the world around them, and be the change. 

What You Get

You get a new dimension to your school trips.

Complement your curriculum, enhance learning and immerse your students in new cultures and uplift communities through hands-on service.

Curriculum and Creativity

Watch your students gain a deeper understanding of history, economics, politics and social issues such as climate change. Whether it’s language or leadership skills these trips complement the classroom experience and accelerate their education.


Invite your students to try something new in a unique environment. Hands-on experience of local cultural activities such as cooking classes and art lessons provide students with a chance to learn lessons far beyond the classroom. And if there’s a particular purpose to your trip, we can facilitate an experience to enrich this.

Cultural Immersion

Expand your students’ worldview by helping them to engage with the world around them. Immersed in a local community, students take part in village life and experience new cultures and a different way of life for themselves.

Service Volunteering

Encourage your students to join hands with local people by giving back to the places they visit. Our volunteer opportunities range from community enhancement such as building a classroom to protecting an endangered species.

Three Reasons Why A Service Trip Is Ideal For Students:

1. First-Hand Experience

Your students may have been scuba-diving, hiking to Machu Picchu or to visit the Taj Mahal but not many experience for themselves the impact small acts of service can have on a local community.

 2. Valuable Life-skills

Your students gain new life-skills – developing their problem-solving and leadership abilities – taking responsibility as a global citizen: preparing them for work in a competitive, challenging and diverse workplace, anywhere in the world.

 3. Making a Difference

Your students join hands with local communities to give back to the people and places they visit. They can transform lives through a building project in Bali or providing better access to education for Rwandan school children.


Students who travel return home more tolerant and respectful of other cultures.


Students between 12 - 18 who participate in educational travel earn a college degree or higher


Teachers say that Learning Outside the Classroom makes lesson more memorable and motivates the students.

Benefits to Students

  • They are immersed in new cultures and become enriched by the experience.
  • They form new friendships around the world.
  • They develop first-hand appreciation of global issues, the challenges and potential solutions
  • They gain a competitive edge for college entry

Benefits To Your School

  • Improved learning aptitude
  • Reinforcement and expansion on lessons taught in the classroom
  • Establishing your school as a diverse, outward-focused, multicultural institution
  • New and exciting learning avenues for your students in safe, unique environments

Why Choose Us?

You can leave everything in our hands. We work almost exclusively with IB schools to enhance their CAS programs. 

You’ll have peace of mind that we have a 100% safety record and we’ll make life easy for you by taking the planning off of your plate. We provide:


We perform a thorough needs analysis, assessing your school’s goals for the trip. That way we can match your students with the right location and service opportunity. And with over 40 destinations to choose from, we have the perfect trip waiting for you.

Customized Program

We customize the trip to your requirements, organising the accommodation and activities to match, providing your students with an unforgettable and rewarding experience that’s tailor-made for them. For inspiration, take a look at our Sample Itineraries


With staff, students and parents to keep up-to-date before the trip even begins we provide all the details you need to keep everyone informed. Whatever you need to know, when you need to know it.


Meaningful travel experiences connect your students with the people and places they visit. We create our volunteer school trips trips to leave both better off when we leave. We seek out those hotels that are committed to caring for the environment, employ local expert guides, and identify restaurants that source ingredients locally. In particular, our Latin American trips are partnered with the Rainforest Alliance to promote sustainability in the region.

Peace of Mind

With our experience and local knowledge you can rely on us to take care of your students whilst they’re in our hands. All our trips are evaluated for the health and safety of our schools. So staff and students can enjoy the experience without worrying about the environment.

Our students loved the trip! There was so much to do and learn. They came back changed individuals, with a greater appreciation of what they have, respect for others and a desire to travel more: 10/10.


With over 30 destinations you can be sure to find the perfect location for your next school trip. Better yet, let us help you!

Get in touch and one of our expert consultants will create the ideal program for your group. In the meantime, check out these destinations to help inspire you:

Hands Up was awarded best Travel Company for Commitment to the Community in 2014 and 2013
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Sustainable Travel

For travel to be sustainable, you need to connect with the people and the place, and leave both better off than before you arrived. You can travel like that when you book with Hands Up.

In the context of leaving the people better off, you can make a difference as a school in the lives of a community by fundraising before you travel and volunteering to build a school or well.

In the context of leaving the place better off, you can volunteer to conserve wildlife such as elephants, bears and turtles, and stay in accommodation that actively cares for the environment, both in their design and in their everyday practices.

Blend this with carbon neutral transport and activities that help you minimize your carbon footprint, and it adds up to a compelling proposition and a sustainable trip for your school that future generations will thank you for.


Schools and Teen Organizations We Have Worked With

We have worked with a number of schools and youth-focused organizations around the world providing a wide range of experiences for their students.

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